My car got bumped in, what should I do? A Complete Guide

Were you drooling over a provocative banner on the road when you bumped into the truck? It happens to a lot of people. Those beautiful models and their huge pictures capture your mind, and you sometimes forget to look ahead. It can also occur if you are on your phone, typing a love message for that someone special. Well, whatever the scenario is, once you get bumped, you know you have been screwed. Get up and check if you are injured; if you are lucky, you will not have a single scratch, but you will be called extremely lucky if your ride is in the same condition, i.e., no scratches. Theoretically speaking, it is not possible to get into an accident and leave the place scratch free.

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How to deal with a car accident

In case you meet an unlucky car crash, you should read the following points to make sure you are in line:

1.     Check for injuries

If you have had abad accident and have not lost consciousness; you should get up and get out of the car. Check yourself for any damages and try to stop if the body is losing blood in a substantial amount.

2.      Check on your Passengers

Once you have tied yourself with a cloth, check on your passengers if you are losing blood. Check if they are still conscious or have they lost their consciousness.

3.      Leave the road

It is the safest thing to do after an accident. Move your car to the side so that you don’t become the target of another mishap. If your vehicle is intact, you can move your vehicle to the side of the road, but if the car is not in such a condition, leave the car and take your passengers out, if any, and move to the side of the road.

4.      Call helpline

 It is the first thing that pops into your mind. Call for help! Call 911. Tell them the location and the incident and wait for the service to arrive.

5.      Give complete information

After making sure your passengers are safe, share the following information with the other driver:

  • Name and contact
  • Insurance company and number
  • Driver’s license
  • Plate number
  • Location of accident
  • Type, color, and model of your vehicle

6.      Document the crash

After a crash, you should take the officers’ information that arrived at the incident, take any photographs needed of the damaged vehicle, and ask the officers for a copy of the accident report.

7.      Wake up the insurer

It is time you contact your insurer with all the necessaryinformation regarding the accident to claim your insurance.


Being a part of a car crash is not fortunate, but you should be prepared for the worst at all times, and having a little information on how to handle such adversities proves very helpful.

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