Are you a car owner or planning to buy one? It’s only responsible to know what your car is made of. If you wonder how your vehicle works, perhaps studying its parts will help you understand the process. Having a basic knowledge of your vehicle saves you a lot of agony in case you experience a puncture in the middle of nowhere, or worse, get involved in an accident. Unlike where you can get reputable car service providers, you may need to use a random mechanic from the neighborhood. You might want to keep an eye as they repair your car, but it’s of no use if you don’t understand a thing about auto parts. Also, it helps you keep an eye on your insurance company. Some insurance companies can claim they paid more to replace a part that isn’t worth as much, according to car insurances reviews in US. Below is a list of important car parts you should know;

1.     The Battery

This is the heart of your car. It won’t start without the battery. Its function is to provide an electric current to power the motor. The motor initiates an internal chemically-powered combustion in the engine, which propels your car.

2.     Pistons

Pistons are found inside the engine of your car. They are responsible for internal combustion that turns gasoline fuel into energy that propels your vehicle into motion. As the gas expands inside the cylinders, the pistons transfer the force into the crankshaft to rotate the wheels.

3.     Brakes

While applying brakes could save your life during emergencies, they could also cause accidents if misused. For this reason, you ought to understand how they function, when to apply them effectively, and how to check if they are intact. If you notice that they are squeaking every time you push the pedal down, get them replaced. You don’t want them to fail when you are driving downhill.

4.     Radiator

The radiator prevents your car engine from heating up. It supplies a coolant to the engine bay continuously, to ensure that all the moving parts work under the right temperature. The radiator has a honey-comb shape on the exterior which consists of narrow tubes. It draws cold air from the anterior of the car connected to a fan. Take your time to learn about common radiator problems and how you can get them fixed to avoid issues that result from engine overheating.

5.     Clutch

The clutch ensures that you are driving safe and smoothly. It ensures a smooth transition of torque when you adjust the vehicle from one gear to another. It also prevents the vehicle from stalling when the car is in neutral.

Learning about these and more car parts is not all you need. You ought to understand how you can fix minor issues. Understanding how each one of them functions will help you identify the problem with your vehicle, and therefore, get it fixed. Being ignorant about your car and cost you a fortune. Mechanics can take advantage of it and exaggerate the issue to drain more money from you. The next time you visit a car repair shop make sure you have the basics. It’s easy to fix something you understand.

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