How To Turn a Motorcycle On & Off

In this blog article we’re going to be talking about how to turn our bike on and off through

different ways. These methods work also on motorcycle imports.

Method #1

Alright, the first way is, is really simple and easy. Remember we put our key in. It’s in the off position, we’re going to put our key in. Turn it to the on position. What you have to do to start it, is actually your bike has to be in neutral, which that green light will be showing you if it’s in neutral or not. If it is in neutral, you’re going to be able to just turn around, push this red button here, that’s how to grunge it.

Method #2

Now in the same hand. We were talking about our engine switch. If this switch of off, your engine will not turn over. So if you’re wondering what’s happened there, just take a look at this real quick. So, remember, turn that on, and we can just start it up. Once it’s running, there are three different ways to turn it off.

In the neutral position, we can just turn off through the key. Like that. That’ll turn it off. Through the engine stop over here. That’s an immediate kill. It still leaves our bike on here. It’s still in the on position, but our engine won’t run. It’ll kill our engine.

Method #3

Now the third way is actually through our kickstand. We’re talking about starting your bike in neutral. You can actually start your bike in gear. If it’s in gear here, the thing is, it will not turn over if your kickstand is down. So I could push this button all day and it’s not going to start my bike.

Now, all I have to do is kick my kickstand up, and pull on clutch. If you don’t pull on your clutch, and you try and start it, it’s going to lurch you forward, and it’s not going to start it up. So you have to pull back that clutch so it disengages your engine. So you pull that clutch in, turn it over. Now, while it’s in gear, if you want to kill it, but you don’t want to put it in neutral, all you have to do is drop that kickstand down. And it’ll turn your engine off.

There’s a switch over here inside your bike. Some people have it inside, there’s also a knob outside, that when you have that kickstand down, disengaged, that switch turned off and it senses that your kickstand is down, and it’ll immediately cut off your bike.

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