Free Lyft Rides from AAA

You must have heard about AAA offering free Lyft rides to and from repair shops, mustn’t you? What’s with this program? Also, where can you get the right car mechanic merchant account for your car business? No worries! The answers are below.

AAA Offering Free Rides

In November 2018, AAA partnered with ride-hailing service Lyft with the purpose of enabling drivers to enjoy free rides in case they were unable to use their own cars. AAA is the biggest motoring and leisure travel organization in North America.

More specifically, the program allowed AAA customers to enjoy free Lyft rides to and from certain AAA Car Care Centers, no matter they were using the Lyft app or a smartphone. Lyft, Inc. is a San Francisco-based transportation network company.

In fact, this was just the beginning of a partnership between the auto travel organization and Lyft. This was the beginning but started as a striking, innovative mobility option for AAA members and customers. The program started at AAA Car Care Centers in Maryland, and in certain cities in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

According to Marshall Doney, AAA president and CEO, as far as transportation is concerned, people are looking for more than one option. So, providing customers with a ride resource that can help them save time and offers convenience, results in less worry for their busy members and customers.

Beyond AAA Free Ride Program: Car Mechanic Merchant Account

After the first partnership between AAA and Lyft, this year, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) entered into a partnership with AAA, the city of Denver, the Marijuana Industry Group, and Lyft. The goal is the same: offer free rides.

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So, why is this program a success? It’s simple. The influence of alcohol or cannabis isn’t without impacts on people’s ability to drive. What’s more, their combination makes such impacts even more dangerous. So, such initiative is just what drivers need.

Let’s look at some numbers. E.g., this year, Coloradans were given an opportunity to redeem free ride credits after they signed the “The Heat Is On” pledge so not to get a DUI this St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

If you take St. Patrick Day’s holiday weekend in 218, you’ll see that Colorado State Patrol reported 461 citations for the combined use of alcoholic drinks and marijuana. That was 112% growth from the same period in 2017.

In fact, over 1/3 of all fatal accidents happening on Colorado roads have to do with an impaired driver, as Colorado Department of Transportation reports. So, CDOT has is now focused on having zero deaths on their roads thanks to programs like this.

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