Be Safe, Not Sorry When You Take to the Open Road

If taking in some of the scenic beauty along the backroads of America is on your list this year, don’t wait until the last minute to get your automobile ready.  You can get a head start by doing so many things online now days, that you really have no excuse for taking off in a car that’s not ready for the road.  There are many things you can accomplish from home like shopping for the outfits you’ll need from stores like Express, where you can use a Groupon to get great discounts on all their clothing and accessories.  You can make reservations for your rental car, hotel rooms, or even book lodging on Airbnb.  But there’s no technology that gives you a short cut when it comes to getting your car serviced.  For that you’ll have to rely on your dealership or neighborhood mechanic.

By the time your bags are packed and ready to stow in the back of the car, you should have checked out your auto’s systems to ensure a safe drive.  Here is a list of some of the items you’ll want checked:

  1. Oil – Your motor will run better on clean oil.  If it’s been a while since you changed the oil and oil filter, make this a priority.
  2. Coolant – Check the levels, and take note of any odd smell that’s sickly sweet. It could mean there is a leak in the system.  You don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road because you failed to notice this problem.
  3. Battery – Having an emergency service provider is wonderful, but if you can’t get a signal on your phone to call them, you could be stranded for hours. Be sure to pack jumper cables and know how to use them.  If you aren’t sure, there is lots of how to videos on the web that can help you learn how to attach them properly and safely.
  4. Windshield – If you have cracks in yours, don’t delay getting it repaired. Many insurance policies cover this damage.  Check with yours and get that crack repaired before you leave.
  5. Brakes – If you expect to drive for miles along mountain roads with sharp turns, switchbacks and bumper to bumper traffic, be sure you get your brakes checked out and make any repairs or replacements to worn shoes, pads or rotors.

If gorgeous scenery beckons you to travel along the highways and byways this fall, whether you go off the beaten path, or zip down Route 66, be sure to take time to have the necessary maintenance done on your vehicle and get it ready for the road.


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