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3 Basics Of Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care might not look that much and if you’re among those who think that lawn care is simply about mowing and watering the lawn, then you may want to consider changing your perception in such. While these tasks do include mowing and watering, there are several other things that must be done as well such as aeration and fertilization. Both of which are deemed to be basics and most frequently repeated tasks when doing landscape maintenance. It is a must to have the expertise and knowledge if you want to perform these things effectively, which is the same reason why you should hire a professional lawn care company.

Here are few basics that you ought to know when talking about lawn maintenance in an effort to attain a lawn that’s not just beautiful but also, health.

Number 1. Mowing – this is basically cutting turf grass periodically to specified height. It is integral that mowing is done right otherwise, this can be stressful for the grass and result to brown and tattered on top that may risk its health and reduce appeal.
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There are some practices that you have to apply like for example, scheduling activities in early morning or evening in an effort to reduce the stress that you might potentially cause to your lawn. You have to avoid mowing your lawn during the heat of day as this not just rid you of toiling when under the sun but also, mowing in these times of the day might cause shock to your plants.
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As much as possible, don’t do any mowing while the grass is wet as this promotes transferring diseases from one plant to the other. In addition to that, you should cut off grass that is no more than the third of grass plant in an effort to make the roots grow stronger.

Number 2. Lawn watering – your grass as well as plants should be watered properly to flourish. Rainfall is able to provide the most water needed by plants but if you do live in drier locations, then it will be your obligation to water it on a weekly basis.

Overwatering the plants on the other hand can lead to opposite effect. So to avoid this thing from happening, you have to determine how much water the sprinkling system you bought is applying as this can help you know how long you should water the lawn.

Number 3. Fertilization – a well fertilized lawn is capable of producing lush and healthy green grasses that are perfect for various activities. One of the most important ingredients when it comes to lawn fertilization is nitrogen and there are many types of grasses that need it to attain optimal growth.